Magnetic Materials

Jonathan Petrie "Combinatorial Investigation of Low Dimensional Materials Systems - i.e. 'Sweating about the small stuff' " On Guard!!

I deal in the fabrication and characterization of metallic and oxide thin films/nanoparticles with unique magnetic, electronic, and catalytic properties. This often involves depositing gradients of compositions and other variables, which allows a high-throughput search for materials with optimal properties. Samples are produced using a 3-gun on-axis sputtering chamber, an electron beam deposition system, CVD, inkjet printers, and photolithographic techniques. Characterization involves myriad instrumentation, from SEMs to VSMs. In addition, Iím involved in the fabrication of devices that take advantage of coincident ferromagnetic/acoustic resonance for optimizing magnetically-transduced SAW devices.



Noble Woo "High-Throughput Measurements of Mechanical and Magnetic Properties using MEMS and Composition Spreads "

On Guard!!

My research focuses on mechanical and magnetic properties of interesting materials, mainly of ferromagnetic origin. Our groupís expertise is in producing compositionally varying thin films by physical sputter deposition techniques; these films require high-throughput analysis to realize the full benefit of the technique.

I have been developing an experimental system which is capable of measuring quickly and accurately the mechanical properties and magnetic properties of composition spread samples. I use a cantilever-optical beam technique to determine residual stress of newly sputtered composition samples. Using the same setup, magnetostriction coefficients of ferromagnetic compounds can be determined by magnetizing with two sets of orthogonal Helmholtz coils. I have recently reported our achievements in the Review of Scientific Insturments and presented at the Materials Research Society and at the American Physics Society conferences. I also have some results in progress to report for the Applied Physics Letters.












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