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Press Releases and Research Highlights

Nanoparticle networks' design enhanced by theory.

Dr. Hiroaki Sai is featured as one of the three extraordinary Cornell Portrait People.

Prof. Ulrich Wiesner creates the world's smallest delivery particles

Versatile polymer film synthesis method invented

Scientists develop world's smallest drug deliverer

Clinically-translated silica nanoparticles paper listed among Top ten most accessed IB articles in January 2013

Scientific American - Photonics : Nature's Color Tricks 4. Nanosponges

Energy Focus in MRS Bulletin - High current density materials fabricated using a sol-gel process

News and Views in Nature Chemistry - Metamaterials: Turning a negative into a positive

Cornell Chronicle - Chemically assembled metamaterials could lead to superlenses and cloaking

Nanotoday - New epitaxial route to single-crystal nanostructures

SPIE Newsroom - Nanoscale patterning of epitaxial single crystals

Ithaca Radio Station - Interview with Prof. Wiesner on C dots

MSKCC Press Release - Novel Cancer-Targeting Investigational Nanoparticle Receives FDA IND Approval for First-In-Human Trial

Cornell Chronicle - 'Cornell Dots' that light up cancer cells go into clinical trials - Researchers crack the nanocrystal challenge

Science Podcast - Nanostructured Materials (starting at 08 min 28 sec)

Cornell Chronicle - Single-crystal films could advance solar cells

News Focus in Science - Ever-Smaller Lasers Pave the Way for Data Highways Made of Light

Technology Review - The Smallest Laser Ever Made

News and Views in Nature Nanotechnology - Nanophotonics: Lasers go beyond diffraction limit

Editorial in Nature Photonics - Birth of the nanolaser

News and Views in Nature - Lasers go nano

NPR News - Scientists Have Big Hopes For Tiny Lasers

Cornell Chronicle - 'Cornell dots' make the world's tiniest laser

Chronicle Online - Glowing 'Cornell Dots' can show surgeons where tumors are.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center - C Dots for Clinical Molecular Imaging and Tumor Targeting.

Cornell Chronicle-Polymer Film for Solar Cells.

Uli's Mesoporous Metals Interview (Video)

NSF Press Release - Metals Shape up with a Little Help from Friends

Cornell Chronicle - Mesoporous Metals

Mesoporous Oxides for Fuel and Solar Cells - Cornell Chronicle

Nanowerk Spotlight - Towards Single Particle Laboratories

C & E News - Shapifte-Shifting Dendrimer Self-Assembly

Cornell Chronicle - Plumber's Nightmare



Group News

Fall 2013

Wiesner group went together to the Cornell Outdoor Education Ropes Courses.

Summer 2013

Xian passed his B exam.

Teresa passed her Q exam.

Srikant passed his B exam.


Spring 2013

Happy Birthday to Uli's 50th Birthday!

Rachel passed her B exam.

Yao, Kai, Spencer, Yibei and Joerg passed A exam.


August 2012

Kwan passed his A exam.

Uli with Prof. Rod Ruoff at ACS meeting in Philadelphia

Uli's visit to Kaist, Daejeon in Korea


July 2012

Juho left Wiesner group and moved back to Korea for continuing work in GS Caltex.

Hiro passed his B exam.

Juho passed his B exam.

Ka passed his B exam.

Uli came back to Ithaca after his 1-year sabbatical in Australia.


November 2011

Rachel was selected for the $1500 prize in MSE Innovation Prize.


September 2011

Xian joined our group.


August 2011

Paul passed his A exam.


June 2011

Wiesner group had a soccer match with Estroff group again.

Wiesner group won by 7-3! Don't forget the victory of the last year.

Congratulate Wiesner group's clean sweep for 2010-2011 TA awards! - Full awards were given to Kwan, Paul and Yao.

Ka passed his A exam.

C passed her A exam.

Juho passed his A exam.

Hiro passed his A exam.


April 2011

Rachel has been selected from Chemistry Department for a prize recognizing the significant research contributions she is making in the field of polymer chemistry


March 2011

Aey has left Ithaca and settled in New York City for her post-doctoral career.

Rachel passed her A exam.


January 2011

Aey passed her B exam.

October 2010

Morgan, Julia and Clover have left Ithaca and settled in Switzerland for Morgan's post-doctoral career.


July 2010

Morgan passed his B exam.


June 2010

Wiesner group at the Hoffman Challenge course (ropes course)

Dolores took these very nice photos.


june 2010

wiesner group had a soccer match with estroff group.

wiesner group won by 6-1 and lenny got 3 goals!


June 2010

Our dear Hitesh left Wiesner group and joined Intel corporation.

Please see Hitesh's happy face at his farewell lunch!


May 2009

Hiro won the first Prize for the poster "Morphology Control in Block Copolymer-Metal Nanoparticle Hybrid Materials" in CCMR-KAUST symposium poster session.


April 2009

Chris won one of three outstanding graduate student awards in Chemistry.

Rachel receives the NSF fellowship she applied for in the fall.


January 2009

A good start to the year for the Wiesner group. Morgan Stefik and Teeraporn Suteewong passed their A exams, they will be marching on to get their PhDs. They both took their A exam the same day, which meant Uli had a long day.


December 2008

Earlier in the month Chris, Erik and Hitesh gave an oral presentation at the MRS Fall Meeting in Boston, MA.

Before leaving for the break the group had a Christmas party, there was a lot of food and the Gift Exchange was one of the highlights of the party.


October 2008

Wiesner Group vs. Estroff Group Soccer match - Final Score 3-5 after leading 2-0 at the half. A rematch will happen.

Review Article with T. Hyeon et al. published ASAP in Advanced Functional Materials


September 2008

Chris Orilall attended and gave an oral presentation at the first Polyfilm International Conference in Sheffield, UK.


August 2008

Andrew completed his B exam on the 31st and is now Dr. Andrew Burns. In other news, he got married and moved to upstate NY to work for GE Global Research.

Chris Orilall received a NSF funded fellowship through Pan American Studies Institute to participate in a electron microscopy workshop in Cancun, Mexico.


July 2008

Marleen completed her B exam on the 14th! and is now Dr. Maria Magdelena Gerdina Kamperman, PhD - congrats!


June 2008

Wiesner Group hike through the Cayuga Trail (pics)

Undergraduate Peter Bai is selected for a Hunter Rawlings III Presidential Research Scholarship.

Prof. Taeghwan Hyeon (Seoul National University) arrives as a visiting scientist

May 2008

Phil and Laura Graduated with MS&E Degrees
Prof. Jinwoo Lee and his wife departed for his professorship in Korea

April 2008

Hitesh, Chris and Jinwoo present at the ACS National Meeting in New Orleans

January 2008

Erik Herz presented his work at the SPIE Biomedical Optics Conference in San, Jose CA.
Dr. Jingyu Lee is visiting the group from Seoul National University.

December 2007

Wiesner Group Holiday Party (photos)

November 2007

Scott Warren has left the building.
Andrew Burns and Marleen Kamperman presented their work at the MRS Fall meeting in Boston, where Marleen won the Gold Award for her presentation on hierarchically porous materials as well as the Poster Award.

September 2007

The group welcomes Hiroaki Sai, Srikant Iyer and Cathy Li to our labs as first year students, and Mareli Allmeroth as a visiting researcher from Univ. Mainz in Germany

August 2007

Scott defended his thesis, got married and honemymooned
Prof. Wiesner has returned!

July 2007

We bid farewell to the one and only Rene Kogler, with an expedition across Lake Cayuga on canoes and kayaks. The intrepid boaters survived mostly unscathed (though very wet - thanks to Morgan) and enjoyed an excellent afternoon (and a very tasty barbeque - mmmm.. pie)

folks with boatserik and keisha chris learning to kayak - erik fleeingmorgan and cloverppl in boatsandrew in kayakgrouppie

Scott, Aaron, & Zach's paper on a photochemical method for nanoparticle synthesis paper was published ASAP in JACS

June 2007

Scott passed his B exam

Marleen and Hitesh showed journalists the secrets of self-assembly at the Kavli Workshop

May 2007

Billy, Rahul, George and Kevin graduated with Bachelor's Degrees in Materials Science & Engineering and Liane graduated with a degree in chemistry

Scott was awarded the Chemistry Department's Wentink Prize and Cornell Undergraduate Research Board's (CURB) Marilyn Emmons Williams Award for promoting undergraduate research at Cornell

Chris, Hitesh, Jinwoo, Erik and Andrew presented at the CCMR Polymer Outreach Program Symposium

Michelle passed her Q exam

Website update

April 2007

Michelle and Aey found trying to escape Ithaca by camel (another photo)

Marleen presents her research at MRS Spring Meeting in San Francisco

March 2007

Scott's paper on hybrid materials assembly and disassembly is published in Nature Materials

January 2007

Andrew Burns presents at SPIE Photonics West in San Jose, CA

November 2006

Rahul Malik won the James L. Gregg Award for most outstanding Junior in Materials Science & Engineering for highest GPA.

Scott, Andrew and Hitesh will be presenting work at the Fall MRS meeting in Boston

Scott's work on nanoparticle assembly and disassembly was accepted for publication in Nature Materials

October 2006

An invited review on core-shell fluorescent silica particles will appear in the November Issue of Chemical Society Reviews and has been selected as the cover article

September 2006

Scott presented several talks at the ACS meeting in San Francisco, speaking on the topics of metal nanoparticles with liquid-like properties, nanoparticle-tuned assembly and disassembly, and a general route to metal-silica-block copolymer hybrids.

September 2006 - Scott's paper, "Generalized Route to Metal Nanoparticles with Liquid Behavior," is published in JACS.

Marleen received a poster award at the Engineering Research Showcase.

August-September 2006
Yongming Chen, a scientist in the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, is a visiting scientist in our research group.

August 2006
Lauren Messina wins the Robert W. Work award for demonstrating excellence in the field of polymer science.

We welcome a new graduate student, Marc Rocco, to the group.

July 2006
We welcome a new post doc, Rene Kogler, to the group.

Scott is sponsored by the NSF to attent the Pan-American Studies Institute workshop on Transmission Electron Microscopy, in Santiago, Chile.

Chris and Erik passed their A exams.

June 2006:

Andrew's paper on fluorescent silica particles for chemical sensing is the cover article in Small .

Andrew and Marleen passed their A exams.

May 2006
Yoong Kim received her MEng degree.

Zach, Brian, Aaron, Tara and Dan graduated with Materials Science & Engineering degrees.

Raluca graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering and Matt received a degree in Chemistry.

Erik received a poster award at the Polymer Outreach Program symposium.

April 2006
Matt Perkins won the Morris K. Udall award ( for his commitment to improving the environment.

March 2006
Phong and Surbhi got married!