Computation of Transmission Electron Micrographs

Interactive java toys.

The following programs are intended to be fast and interactive but are NOT very accurate. They are useful as an introduction and to build intuition, but the results may NOT be quantitatively accurate.
  • jcstem : Fast image calculation using a phase grating (bright field CTEM) or simple cross sections convolved with the probe intensity distribution (annular dark field STEM). Once you have set up the desired optical parameters and specimen coordinates, click on "calculate" to calculate and display a new image. Click on "about" for a brief description. You may select one of the built in specimens or type in one of your own. Keyboard short cuts for cut and paste work on many browsers to copy spec. coord. from a file.
  • drawmtf : Draw the transfer function for conventional transmission electron micrographs (CTEM) or scanning transmission electron micrograph (STEM) assuming a simple linear image model .

These have been tested with IE and firefox. If nothing obvious appears when you select one of the above, check that you have enabled java on your browser.

All code is given AS-IS with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE of any kind to the extent permitted by law.