Computation of Transmission Electron Micrographs

Download C/C++ programs.

Updated versions of the programs of the same name found in "Advanced Computing in Electrons Microscopy" (Plenum 1998, Springer 2010) by Earl J. Kirkland plus new programs are posted at sourceforge under the name computem. Please refer to this book for the theory of calculation and how to use these programs.

The computem program has a graphical user interface and the temsim group of programs run from the command line. The user is assumed to have some understanding of optics, Fourier transforms, electron microscopy and computer skills at the graduate or advanced undergraduate level. Some other programs can be found under "LINKS".

Some programs assume that characters are 8 bits long but some systems allow 16 bit characters (Mac OS X). Be careful to save input data files with 8 bit characters.

The C/C++ code is given AS-IS with NO WARRANTY or GUARANTEE of any kind to the extent permitted by law, under the GNU General Public License .

last updated Nov. 18,2013
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