Computation of Transmission Electron Micrographs


The programs presented here calculate high resolution (atomic or near atomic) conventional and scanning transmission electron microscope (CTEM and STEM) images of thin specimens from first principles using the multislice method for electrons (with simplifying assumptions for the interactive versions) in the energy range of approximately 100 keV to 1OOO keV.

The fundamental theory and usage instructions are described in "Advanced Computing in Electron Microscopy" (Plenum 1998, Springer 2010) by Earl J. Kirkland. The programs here are updates and additions to the software that accompanies that book. A short tutorial given at the Kavli summer school in 2006 may also be helpful. If you find the programs useful please cite the book.

All code is given AS-IS with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE of any kind to the extent permitted by law.

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