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Group, June 2010

Group Retreat, June 2009

Why isn't the projector working? (Group Retreat, June 2009)

Jason Fang is graduating, and actually smiling!

Group dinner, Spring 2008

Group, June 2009

Lou's backyard, group barbecue, Summer 2009

Yi Ling, Emmanuel, and Markos.

Kicking back.

(Aren't they cute?)

Antonios and Marta.

Celebrating Jason's graduation.

(Aren't they cute?)

Looking intense.

Group lunch at the Heights.

The greatest compliment Antonios is physically capable of giving.

Antonios to Lou: "You may not be wrong."

Let's face it, the food is the most important part of group meetings.

Loan explains her research to prospective graduate students. 

Michelle explains her research to prospective graduate students.

Michelle explains her research to Loan and Xiaonan.

Who, me?

Group ski trip. Birthplace of the "Red Bullet"

Group ski trip.

Jason's graduation party, waiting to order.

Bonfire at Lou's, investigating the effects of direct heat on marshmallows. Science is delicious.