Home Page of the Dieckmann Group

Address of the Dieckmann Group:

Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Bard Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-1501

The Group Leader

a short biography of the group’s leader, Rüdiger Dieckmann, including information on publications, theses, etc.

The Group’s Research Interests

a brief summary of the current research interests of the Dieckmann Group

The Group Members

lists of current and former group members with E-mail addresses

Special Technical Capabilities

a brief description of special technical capabilities of the Dieckmann Group

Some Recent Research Results of the Group

some recent research results (abstracts, figures, etc.)


a complete list of publications of the Dieckmann group 

Opportunities in the Group

a complete list of current opportunities in the  Dieckmann group, including undergraduate research involvement

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access to an internal safety information collection

access an internal group web site (for group members only – password-protected)

send any comments you have on this site to dieck@ccmr.cornell.edu

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