Jan. 24 Course overview: What is Flexible Electronics? (Ober)

Jan. 31 Design: Connectors and interconnects (Wilcox, IBM; Chan, EI)

Feb. 7 Technology Focus: Displays and lighting (OLEDs) (Malliaras)

Feb. 14 Performance: Electrical performance and characteristics (Rowlands, EI; Obrzut, NIST)

Feb. 21 Design: Single and multichip packages (Fillion, GE)

Feb. 28 Processing: Lithography and patterning (Ober)

March 7 Processing: Laser processing and via formation (Egitto, EI)

March 14 Design: Substrates and barriers (Poliks, EI; Giannelis)

March 28 Technology Focus: Solar energy conversion (Korman, GE)

April 4 The Flexics Story - History of a Startup (Thompson)

April 11 Processing: Metal deposition (Baker; Magnuson, EI)

April 18 Performance: Physical Analysis (Matienzo, EI)

April 25 Design: Future technologies (Chan and Lin, EI)

May 2 Design: Thermal management and reliability; Course Wrap-up (Calmidi, EI; Sammaki, BU; Ober)