Flexible Electronics Initiative
Over the last few decades, society has experienced remarkable transformations in the way it lives and works based on developments in Si-based electronics. In the near future, we envision a new and equally transforming technology to develop around flexible electronics especially as we learn to produce them inexpensively and in extremely large quantities. Adding flexible form and function to electronics will transform to an unprecedented degree our view of electronics and how we, as a society, interact with intelligent and responsive systems. Electronics will no longer be seen as separate devices, but rather as an expected attribute of nearly everything produced. In order for the United States to remain competitive in this new industrial order, entirely new concepts are needed to satisfy the form, function and cost requirements of such innovative flexible electronic systems.


We are pleased to announce that a National Science Foundation supported IGERT program in Flexible Electronics for Life Science Applications will begin this fall. Interested students seeking further information may find it at this web site.

For more information, please contact: Professor Christopher Ober